About us

Welcome to Canelo, our streetwear brand! We are two young guys from Germany who aim to establish our streetwear fashion in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East. With our years of experience in fashion, we want to give everyone the opportunity to wear our creativity that we put into each and every one of our products.

Our ultimate goal is to provide high quality clothing. We strongly believe that our community deserves only the best. That's why we pay great attention to the selection of materials, workmanship and details of our items. Each piece of clothing is carefully designed and developed by us to ensure that it meets the highest quality standards.

Canelo is more than just clothing. It is an expression of individuality, creativity and style. We want everyone who wears our pieces to feel confident and unique. Our designs are inspired by different themes and combine modern trends with timeless style.

We look forward to sharing our Canelo streetwear brand with you and the entire UAE and Middle East community. Together we will create a unique fashion world where creativity and quality are paramount. Let's set new trends together, become even more international and share our passion for streetwear!

Be a part of our Canelo story. Be a part of our brand. Be a part of us - Canelo.